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Permission Marketing Strategies & Tactics for all types of organizations. I share text message marketing strategies & tactics, email marketing strategies & tactics, and direct mail strategies & tactics. I also discuss techniques to leverage social media to encourage your followers to opt-in for direct communications. Bits of wisdom gained from decades of real experience, and curated articles and posts from respected sources, occasional humor and book recommendations. Hopefully, you’ll find some worthwhile content here.

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She’s Just Not That Into You

She "likes" you, just don't get carried away To illustrate my point, I will use romance as a metaphor for marketing. Most of the time you wouldn't expect someone that smiled at you to agree to marry you five minutes later. Yet, marketers do that all the time. They...

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Text Messaging Helps Grow Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is among the industries that can get the most out of SMS marketing. Offering motivations for joining SMS loyalty clubs can increase opt-ins. Promoting events that local customers are interested in can help maintain a loyal customer base and generate new interest. And integrating a text messaging campaign with other media can render impressive results for the advanced marketer.

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“Likes” Do Not Equal Subscribers

If you publish something noteworthy to social media, you will probably pick up some “Likes” along the way. They are an easy way for readers to interact and indicate some level of approval.

It’s important that marketers not confuse “Likes” with deep interaction. It only takes microsecond to hit the thumbs-up button, and doesn’t require any effort at all. I compare it to somebody waving at you from a distance, and not much more. Very little value there.

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Text Message Marketing vs Email Marketing

The stats show that an average less than 25% of all marketing emails actually get opened. Less than 5% result in a click through to a company’s website. As a marketer, knowing that 3/4 of your messages are invisible, and more than 95% of them do not result in a customer reaction, is somewhat depressing.

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How to Increase SMS Opt-in Response

Do You Opt-In? Have you ever walked into a business and seen a sign urging you to text a keyword to opt-in to a subscriber list? Did you respond by grabbing your phone and texting immediately? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many of us are wary about giving out...

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