Permission Marketing & Messaging

Permission Marketing is when every single recipient grants permission in advance before you send them digital communications. It's the future of marketing, especially on mobile.

Text messaging is the ultimate Permission Marketing method. People that opt-in for your communications on their mobile phones are truly engaged. 98% of messages are read - most within 3 minutes. No other marketing channel comes close.

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Services Offered


Text Message Marketing

Text messages are the preferred way to communicate on mobile phones and have an unmatched 98% open-rate. The 160-character limit for SMS (Short Message Service) is perfect for today's short attention spans and even works when the customer doesn't own a smartphone. Send one message or 100,000 with Permisio.

Multimedia Messaging

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, then videos must be worth 10,000. With Permisio you can send both pictures and videos, as well as longer messages (up to 500 characters) to mobile phones. Multimedia Message Service (MMS) increases engagement and invites readers to take the next step.

Mobile Coupons

Paper coupons are going the way of the dinosaur. Today the preferred way to distribute coupons is by mobile phones. With Permisio you can forget about postage and printing. Permisio allows you to quickly send your customers offers that they will carry with them wherever they go. Customers redeem coupons by showing their phones, and you can track and limit coupons too.

Email Marketing

Every serious marketer uses email in their campaigns. While we strongly advocate text messaging, not every customer will opt-in for texts. No problem – Permisio can send automated bulk emails as well. We've got dozens of colorful templates so your emails will be beautiful as well as informative.

Marketing Automation

Let the software do the work. Pre-load your entire messaging campaign (both text and email) far in advance with Permisio's Marketing Automation capabilities. Set the day, the time, and method of communication and all of your messages will go out on schedule. Automate additional messages to go out depending on response.

Social Media Marketing

With Permisio you can simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time you send texts. Integrate text messaging into your social media strategy by texting a link to your Facebook page to your opt-in list – and put a text message opt-in request on your Facebook page to encourage that population to accept your texts. Both platforms can work together!

Custom Keywords

Use Custom Keywords to segment your subscriber list, and you can send each group a different message. For example: ask your customers to text VEGGIES to join one list, and ask them to text STEAK to join another. Permisio will automatically place them on a separate distribution list, so everybody receives an appropriate message.

Direct Mail

Good old-fashioned direct-mail. Sometimes the old ways are best. Direct-mail still outperforms every digital channel (except text messaging) by a wide margin. A beautiful, glossy, fully-photographic postcard, can draw attention like nothing else. And there's no minimum quantity required; send a single postcard or thousands, and it'll go out within 24 hours.

No Contracts

Our services are billed month-to-month. While we do offer lower rates if you choose to make a commitment, we don't lock you in with a contract. If Permisio is working for you, that's great. If not, it's easy to leave us when your current billing period expires. Just let us know with an email, and you're done.


Make contact via text: If you'd like us to contact you about a text messaging campaign text PERMISIO to 76000 (Msg&Data rates may apply). Don't worry we won't spam you. Opt-out any time by replying STOP. See full Terms of Use here.


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