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Do You Opt-In?

Have you ever walked into a business and seen a sign urging you to text a keyword to opt-in to a subscriber list? Did you respond by grabbing your phone and texting immediately?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many of us are wary about giving out our phone numbers to businesses. The last thing we need is to be subjected to the same sort of assault on our mobile phones that we now suffer in our emails.

Text messaging is, for the most part, advertising-free. It’s a channel we reserve for people we know and trust, and that usually means friends and family. It’s a place where a real conversation between two people takes place, not the impersonal type of dialogue that marketers use. Advertising-Speak turns people away. As soon as we hear it, or read it, a barrier goes up. Instead, TALK to people, starting with your opt-in request.

How about this approach?

The manager or owner of the business personally hands you a small card inviting you to join a special VIP notification list.

SMS VIP Opt-In Invitation

VIP Invitation Card personally handed to customer by owner or manager

Are you more likely to opt-in now? Both approaches are asking essentially the same thing, however, the second approach is much more personal and therefore more likely to get results. The customer is more likely to take action because a human issued the invitation, and it’s kind of fun being part of a small and exclusive list. There’s now a person behind the anonymous request to text, and customers are much more likely to trust the invitation, and your intentions, especially if it comes from someone in a position of authority.

With Permisio’s list segmentation abilities, you can actually employ both methods. One keyword for the general population, and another keyword just for the VIP list. Give it a try, Permisio is free for the first month.

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